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What To Do With Pets During Bed Bug Treatment

What To Do With Pets During Bed Bug Treatment

You are likely wondering if your pets are safe during bed bug treatment. There are a number of different bed bug treatments that you may be using or considering, and you are wondering whether or not it is safe around your loving dog. 

There are horror stories of DIY bed bug treatments causing harm to pets. That is the last thing you want to explain to your wife or husband. 

So let’s start going over what you may be considering when it comes to your pets after bed bug treatment.

Is bed bug treatment harmful to dogs? 

Generally, the answer is yes. Most bed bug treatments will require you to move your dog, cat, or pet out of the area. After a given amount of time, it will be completely safe for your pet to return to the area. It is important to follow all safety labels related to the product you are using, especially if you are doing your own treatment.

How to Make Sure Pets Are Safe During Bed Bug Treatment

Is It A DIY treatment Or Professional Treatment? 

The first aspect you want to consider will be whether you are dealing with a DIY bed bug treatment or a professional treatment. 

If you are doing a DIY treatment, you want to read the label to see if it is safe for humans or dogs. You also want to make sure that you are using an indoor pesticide treatment versus an outdoor, and consider all safety labels. 

If it is a professional bed bug treatment, you can ask them what to do with pets during bed bug treatment. And If it is safe for dogs after bed bug treatment. 

Is It a Heat Treatment Or Fumigation Treatment Or Chemical Application? 

There are a number of different options to treating bed bugs. It is important to consider which option is being used, if you are wondering what to do with pets during bed bug treatment. 

Chemical application treatments are going to require you to keep your pet away from the area for about 6 hours. Again, it’s important to discuss with your professional or consult the label on the product you are using. 

A severe bed bug treatment like a fumigation will require every living thing to vacate the premises for 3 days. After the fumigation is complete, it is completely safe for your pets after bed bug treatment to enter your home and enter the area where the bed bugs may have originated.

Do Not Apply Product Directly To Pet Unless It Is Approved For Specific Use

Any pesticide or treatment available in the store should not be applied directly to a pets body unless it is specifically made to do so. 

So this should answer your question of what to do with pets during bed bug treatment. If you have any more questions regarding the subject of whether bed bug treatments are harmful to pets, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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